Welcome back !

HI THERE, long-suffering readers. Welcome back to our site. The original Acumen Publishing Solutions website was built by my head studio guy, Tim Sheasby, way back when in Johannesburg. We were very busy then, and the site was never properly tweaked or updated.

All sorts of things intervened – among other things, I gradually closed my studio in Johannesburg, and moved to Cape Town to be with my family. In the process, the site became seriously outdated.

When I closed my studio in Johannesburg and moved down, I promised myself I would learn to build websites. (Before, I just didn’t have the time.) I was determined to bridge the gulf between content and form – or, put differently, the seemingly impenetrable barrier between myself as the content guy and website techies sitting at the other end of town.

It took a long time; I first thought of learning HTML, and then – thankfully – blundered into WordPress. I built several sites for clients, but – like doctors who don’t treat members of their own families – my own sites remained outdated. Now, at last, I’ve rebuilt the Acumen site and brought it up to speed. Ditto our companion site for The Highveld Press.

To get in touch with us, phone 083 702 6347, or use the contact form.

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