Acumen Publishing Solutions cc is owned and managed by Riaan de Villiers, who also works as a specialised non-fiction editor. Books edited by him for various clients and publishers appear below.


The Case for Business in Developing Economies, Ann Bernstein, Penguin Books, 2010.

[ I edited this ms before it went to Penguin, but it was used unchanged or virtually unchanged. It has since won the Sir Antony Fisher International Memorial Award, conferred by the Atlas Foundation in the United States. ]

UKZN Press

The Solidarity Economy Alternative: Emerging Theory and Practice, Vishwas Satgar, UKZN Press, 2013.

Universal Health Care in Southern Africa: Policy contestation in health system reform in South Africa and Zimbabwe, edited by Greg Ruiters and Robert van Niekerk, UKZN Press, 2012

Mpumalanga: History and Heritage, edited by Peter Delius, UKZN Press, 2007. At end 2007 the Mail & Guardian named this the ‘non-fiction book of the year’.
A History of Inequality in South Africa, 1652-2002, Sampie Terreblanche, University of Natal Press, 2002

KMM Review Publishing Company

Moving in Time: Images of life in a democratic South Africa, photographs edited by George Hallett, introduction by Mandla Langa, KMMR, distributed by UKZN Press, 2004

The Highveld Press

Lesotho: People at work, photographs by Rene Paul Gosselin, The Highveld Press, 2010

Mpumalanga: An Illustrated History, Peter Delius and Michelle Hay, The Highveld Press, 2009

Then & Now: Eight South African photographers, photographs collected by Paul Weinberg, The Highveld Press, 2009

Platinum Man: Steve Kearney and his contribution to South African mining, Ciaran Ryan, The Highveld Press, 2006

In Search of the Waratah: The Titanic of the South, David Willers, The Highveld Press, 2005

The Brenthurst Foundation

Globalisation and Economic Success: policy lessons for developing countries, edited by Barry Desker, Jeffrey Herbst and Greg Mills, The Brenthurst Foundation, 2008, second impression 2009

Africa Beyond Aid, edited by Holger Bernt Hansen, Greg Mills and Gerhard Wahlers, The Brenthurst Foundation, 2008, second impression 2009
(Note: I edited some of the material in these two collections; the rest was edited by other editors commissioned by myself).

Reforming for Competitiveness: Lesotho and comparative international experiences, Barry Desker et al, The Brenthurst Foundation, 2008

Institute for Global Dialogue / South African Institute of International Affairs / Friedrich Ebert Stiftung

Somaliland: An African struggle for nationhood and international recognition, Iqbal D Jhazbhay, IGD and SAIIA, 2010

Well-Kept Secrets: The right of access to information and the South African intelligence services, Sandy Africa, IGD and the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, 2009

Rethinking Natural Resources in Southern Africa, edited by Michelle Pressend and Timothy Othieno, IGD, 2009

Dilemmas of Poverty and Development: A proposed policy framework for the Southern African Development Community, edited by Michelle Pressend and Michele Ruiters, IGD, 2008

Unlocking Africa’s Potential: The role of corporate South Africa in strengthening Africa’s private sector, edited by Neuma Grobbelaar and Hany Besada, SAIIA, 2008

Gender Instruments in Africa: Consolidating gains in the Southern African Development Community, edited by Michele Ruiters, IGD, 2008

China in Africa: Mercantilist predator or partner in development? Edited by Garth le Pere, IGD / SAIIA, 2007

Trade in Genetically Modified Foods: Decoding Southern African regulatory approaches, edited by Peter Draper and Nkululeko Khumalo, SAIIA, 2007

The Future of Palestine and Israel: From colonial roots to postcolonial realities, edited by Aslam Farouk-Alli, IGD / Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, 2007

China, Africa and South Africa: South-South co-operation in a global era, Garth le Pere and Garth Shelton, IGD, 2007

From the Lagos Plan of Action to the New Partnership for Africa’s Development: The political economy of African regional perspectives, Francis Nguendi Ikome, IGD, 2007

In Full Flight: SA foreign policy after apartheid, edited by Walter Carlsnaes and Philip Nel, IGD, 2006

The Southern African Development Community: The organisation, its policies and prospects, Gabriel H Oosthuizen, IGD, Midrand, 2006

A People’s Constitution: Public participation in the South African constitution-making process, Synnove Skjelten, IGD, 2006

The UN at 60: A new spin on an old hub, edited by Garth le Pere and Nhamo Samasuwo, IGD, 2006

Trade Liberalisation and Environment Linkages: Implications for sustainable development, edited by Michelle Pressend, IGD, 2006

The Making of a Region: The revival of the East African Community, edited by Rok Ajulu, IGD, Midrand, 2005

Enter the Dragon: Towards a free trade agreement between China and the Southern African Customs Union, edited by Peter Draper and Garth le Pere, IGD / SAIIA, 2005

Gender Instruments in Africa: Critical perspectives, future strategies, edited by Christi van der Westhuizen, IGD, 2005

Peace in Africa: Towards a collaborative security regime, edited by Shannon Field, IGD, 2004

Doing Business in China: The system and the strategies, Kobus van der Wath / China Chamber of Commerce and Industry in South Africa, 2004

China through the Third Eye: South African perspectives, edited by Garth le Pere, IGD / China Chamber of Commerce and Industry in South Africa, 2004


Coalition Country: South Africa after the ANC. Leon Schreiber, Tafelberg, 2018.

Confronting the Corrupt: Accountability Now’s battle against graft in South Africa,  Paul Hoffman, Tafelberg, 2016

The Arrogance of Power: South Africa’s leadership meltdown, Xolela Mangcu, Tafelberg, 2014

Dare We Hope?: Facing our Past to Find a New Future, Pumla Gobodo-Madikizela, Tafelberg, 2014

A Time Traveller’s Guide to our Next Ten Years, Frans Cronje, Tafelberg, 2014

We are Going to Kill Each Other Today: The Marikana Story, Thanduxolo Jika et al, Tafelberg, 2013


The Mudjadji Dynasty: The principles of female leadership in African cosmology, Mathole Kherofo Motshekga, Kara Books, Midrand, 2010

Unequal Peers: The politics of discourse management in the social sciences, Mpilo Pearl Sithole, Africa Institute of South Africa, Pretoria, 2009

On the Outside Looking In: Colliding with apartheid and other authorities, Alan Lipman, Architect Africa Publications, Johannesburg, 2009

Once We Were Hunters: A journey with Africa’s indigenous people, Paul Weinberg, texts by Antjie Krog et al, Mets & Schildt, Amsterdam / David Philip, Cape Town, 2000

The Invisible Line: The life and photography of Ken Oosterbroek, Mike Nicol, Kwela Books, 1998

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